ORIGIN: MINERVA - "The Roman Goddess of Education, emerged in this rural belt of Prathipadu, East Godavari District, A.P.as a small Educational Institute in 1987 to impart “Man-Making Education”., with an avowed object to “UPLIFT THE SOCIO ECONOMIC STATUS” of this predominantly rural belt. Gandhiji once said “For any Nation to prosper, the village should be taken as a focal point for developmental activity”. These resonant words of Mahatma Gandhiji were the driving force behind the establishment of Minerva that crowned as a pioneer institute to promote education in this rural setting

OFFSPRING - Minerva has its origin at the grassroots level and the whole edifice was built up from the scratch. The advent of Minerva Public School in 1987 with a bare strength of 16 students from LKG to 2nd Standard grew up like a banyan tree over the past 30 years. Under its canopy, heralded “The Minerva Educational Conglomerate” to impart Academic and professional training courses and It bagged the pride in introducing the first generation learners in most of the village areas. Minerva has been marching progressively catering to the educational needs of more than 81 Villages of 7 Mandals spread over 5 Assembly constituencies that it blossomed to a four digit enrollment in two decades. As a mark of successful completion of 20 years, during 2008-2009 Minerva, the ivory tower of rural belt expanded to the city of destiny Visakhapatnam.

OUR PHILOSOPHY - The great words of Swami Vivekananda “Education’ is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man” is the underlying philosophy and guiding principle of the Minerva.

ACADEMICS - We are ever blessed with an exuberant team of staff members who persevere with commitment to achieve the lofty ideals with an exorbitant excellence


  • 1987- Minerva Public School-Prathipadu
  • 1991- Minerva Industrial Training Institute-Prathipadu
  • 1996- Minerva Junior College-Prathipadu
  • 1998- Minerva Degree College-Prathipadu
  • 2000- Minerva College of Education (B.Ed.,) -Prathipadu
  • 2007- Minerva College of Elementary Education (D.Ed.,) -Prathipadu
  • 2008- Minerva School- Gopalapatnam
  • 2010-Minerva School- Chinamushidiwada
  • 2011- Minerva School-Simhachalam