WORKSHOPS: In today’s modern world the word “competition” is out dated which is replaced by the term Co-operation. This doesn’t mean that one need not compete with anybody else, but one has to struggle always in order to update his knowledge and skills. Hence aspiring, believing, sharing and solving should be the new features in the life of cooperation In order to enable our students excel in all dimensions, Minerva invites and arranges workshops for the students by eminent personalities.

NCC, NSS AND SCOUTS & GUIDES: Minerva bestows equal importance to NCC, NSS and Scouts & Guides to inculcate discipline and for overall development. SKATING KARATE, DANCE, MUSIC DRAWING AND PAINTING facilities are also available to tap out the inherent talents of the child.

SOCIAL SERVICE ACTIVITIES: Minerva students participate in various service activities organized by voluntary and non-governmental organizations and contribute their mite both in kind and cash during natural calamities. Regular Blood donation camps and medical camps are also organized.

SPORTS AND GAMES: Minerva Institute raised a huge infrastructure with suitable play grounds to conduct sports and games and also to practice martial arts, dance etc. A skating rink also been provided for students of different age groups to learn and master this spirited game. While Minerva is a venue for different games and sports competitions at local, regional, District level, the students of Minerva them-selves participate regularly in the District Griggs Sports and State level sport events and bagged many prizes.

SPIRITUAL FABRIC: Apart from Physical, Mental and Social development, Minerva provides a platform for the Spiritual development also to ignite the young minds and kindle the fire in the hearts of the students through spiritual discourses by great pontiffs and scholars.

CULTURAL EXTRAVAGANZA AND RELIGIOUS FERVOUR: All through the seasons, the campus bristles and brims with a high voltage of cultural activities. The students and staff rejoice in celebrating all the festivals and functions irrespective of the religious denomination to which they belong thus lending sanctity to their secular credentials. These ethnic groups, on the campus, provide a thick canvas of cultural extravaganza throughout the year. The National day celebrations take place with patriotic spirit swelling from the minds of the student community.